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EcoOnline North America : Revolutionizing Safety

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January 27, 2021

5 Minutes


     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at EcoOnline North America . When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

Today we are re-branding our entire suite of products: eCompliance™, Field iD™, and ContractorCheck™ to be unified under one brand name: EcoOnlineWe are building a global brand here at EcoOnline to better serve the safety industry with a portfolio of technology-led risk management solutions to keep workforces safe and in turn, bring more people home safely to their families and loved ones. 

“Across EcoOnline, we all share the same vision and mission, working as one team to create better workplaces and keep people safe,” says Alyn Franklin, CEO, EcoOnline. “Building a strong identity helps us to support our clients even more with our expertise and solutions and make EcoOnline the success it is. With a growing portfolio of products in North America and the UK, I’m excited to continue our growth and acheive great things together.” 

With this change comes a new goal for us at EcoOnline North America: to protect 5 million workers from workplace incidents by 2025. In order to achieve this, we will work in partnership with safety leaders, like you, across the globe to create great relationships, to understand your needs and support you to build strong, resilient businesses. By doing this, we deliver the service and technology to help create safe and effective workplaces. 

Our CEO of EcoOnline North America shared: “This re-brand to join together under one name, EcoOnline, is more than simply changing our corporate branding to reflect our ‘One Team’ attitude. It’s a moment where we are going to market to showcase how we are going to change the world of work. With our new brand, mission, vision and goal for the North American business, supported by our powerful suite of products, we look forward to helping safety leaders make their workplaces safer. The amount of growth our team has seen in the time I have joined is astronomical and we are excited to see where the future will take us.” 

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With a different look, but the same impact, we are here to solve your safety challenges with our expert teams and technology. Our products each solve different challenges faced by health and safety professionals across North America. 

The VP of Product, EHSQ, Harish Pandian shared: “The EcoOnline suite of products in North America includes eCompliance, Field iD and ContractorCheck and we’ll continue to grow and assist our current customers in addition to providing key solutions to prospects. We have a strong and exciting roadmap for our suite of products to meet the evolving nature of workplace safety and to best serve every aspect of the market’s needs. On a personal note, this is an exciting venture for the entire product team at EcoOnline.” 

The unification of our brands solidifies our commitment to revolutionize safety and create better workplaces – reducing injury rates by 60%, decreasing TRIF by 130.7%, streamlining safety processes, and creating a competitive advantage for businesses.  

 Ready to Step into the Future of EHS Software 

With one goal across multiple product lines, our safety experts are committed to reducing risk and simplifying processes to keep your people safe.  

Raise the bar at your organization and modernize your safety program with us. Check out our full business solution, to learn more about how we can work together to ensure your people are protected at all times.  


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