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EcoOnline North America – Quarterly Review – Q2 2021

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July 8, 2021

2 Minutes


Tyler Davey

Tyler Davey is our Chief Executive Officer for North America and has 20+ years of experience working across both technology and business. He is responsible for developing and growing the brand in the North American market, managing the full suite of products in North America and driving the business through organic and further acquisition opportunities. 

Welcome to Q3, everyone! We hope you enjoyed your long weekends both in Canada and the USA celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day and worked towards educating friends and family about our country’s history.

Turning into the back half of the year, I cannot help but share my excitement at the prospect of an open summer and a return to a new normal in the fall.  For all the working parents who have learnt how to work, parent, and support teachers from your home – thank you for continuously adapting.

For all the people who had to learn how to work from a varying version of their home office set-up, thank you for finding a way forward.  And, for all the home bound family members finally getting a chance to say hello to loved ones, thank you for your patience and helping to keep everyone safe.

Our #safetyrevloution is kicking off into high gear over the summer, and we look forward to getting together soon.

We started the year with a goal to protect 5 million workers by 2025. We are well into the first six months of our 4-year journey, and I am pleased to say we are now at 586,629, a growth of 4.18% since the start of the year.  We welcomed 21 new customers in the last 3 months alone to help create safer environments for the customers while accrediting an additional 166 of 277 new contractors as ContractorCheck health and safety certified over the same period.

We welcomed three new senior leaders into the business through the last 3 months: Rhys David (Chief Technology Officer), Michelle Carter (Vice President of Customer Success), and Kristin Bonomo (Senior Director of Revenue Operations).  Sharron Xiao, our CFO, has returned from maternity leave. Finally, we have added an additional 28 people to the teams over the last 3 months.

Our Customer Success team sends a massive thank you to all our customers who rated us with 100% CSAT in May – a record month! The team has been working steadily through the last 3 months to build a new, customer safety focused, engagement model that will help integrate our messaging, self-service content, customer support, and a new servicing model that helps keep our CSAT and NPS high while looking for ways to improve safety through our solutions with all our customers.

Our Accreditation Team is marching towards a key milestone of 70% of all contractors fully safety accredited. We started the year with 50% and have eclipsed the 60% rate within the first 6 months. We know how important it is for contractors to have full safety accreditation, and our mission in protecting workers everywhere includes creating frictionless opportunities for all contractors to receive the benefit of full H&S accreditation.

Our product team has continued to build on our success with the newly enhanced version of Safety Intelligence, with our global launch occurring in May and 34 customers onboarding in the first 6 weeks of launch. Adding to that, we launched full French language support to eCompliance, a new Payment Portal for ContractorCheck, added Scheduling by Job in eCompliance, completed the Field iD 4 application with improved sync time, user experience updates, and new updates to the Importer and Exporter. These updates, and many more, are here to help our customers improve their #safetyrevolution.

As we head into the height of summer, the team is busy gearing up for several upcoming launches. We have started our hiring journey in the US, with our first few workers onboarded in South Carolina, Arizona, and Florida. We are also launching a new Customer Management solution, Catalyst, to help us better understand our customers across all our products.

Our efforts are here to help our customers worldwide to embark on a journey of safety with us.  Your ideas, feedback, and challenges help our teams define new safety outcomes to solve for and help to build stronger solutions that create better workplaces.

Yours in Safety,

Tyler Davey – CEO, EcoOnline North America

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