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EcoOnline North America – Quarterly Review – Q1 2021

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April 9, 2021

2 Minutes


Tyler Davey

Tyler Davey is our Chief Executive Officer for North America and has 20+ years of experience working across both technology and business. He is responsible for developing and growing the brand in the North American market, managing the full suite of products in North America and driving the business through organic and further acquisition opportunities. 

Q1 started with hope and optimism, and Q2 continues this trend after a three-month roller-coaster ride.  We experienced the impacts of multiple COVID-19 lockdowns across Canada, a transfer of the US presidency, caution in the markets, the single largest US Federal spending bill, and a rush to vaccinate the world.

Throughout the first three months of the year, our team continued to stay focused on protecting 5 million workers by 2025, increasing our current protected workers to over 563k, a 41% increase since December 2020.  We attribute the growth in protected workers to 24 new customers joining EcoOnline, 27 existing customers expanding their use of our solutions, and 283 contractors becoming safer with our accreditation and verification services. Thank you to all of our new and existing customers on helping us deliver on our commitment for a #safetyrevolution.

Every solution we bring to market starts with our goal to deliver a #safetyrevolution to our customers and to protect 5 million workers by 2025. Through our focus on helping organizations become safer, healthier, and stronger, the team at EcoOnline in North America accomplished several key goals since the start of the year, with the most impactful for delivering our #safetyrevolution including:

  • 95.6% CSAT rating
  • 26 releases (2 per week!)
  • 15 days time to value
  • Beta release of Safety Intelligence

Of the four, two stand out the most: time to value and Safety Intelligence Beta.

Time to Value is a critical measurement that ensures our teams build software customers can use, quickly. Every day delayed in using a safety software results in another potentially preventable incident. Recognizing the impact, our team created a customer-focused measurement (Time to Value) with the goal of ensuring our customers can use our solutions with speed.  Our average of 15 calendar days (9.5 days for Small to Medium-sized businesses, 20 for Enterprise businesses) allows us to help customers within the first month of using our software, regardless of the size of the business.

The next quarter will see our team in North America continue to deliver outcomes for our customers helping both increase the number of workers we protect and provide our customers with a more complete safety solution.

We will continue to improve our core products: eCompliance, ContractorCheck, and Field iD.  We will continue to focus our efforts in accrediting our managed contractors to surpass 70% accreditation in 2021.  Lastly, we will focus our team’s efforts on safety multipliers for our customers, including:

  1. Focusing on the Safety Intelligence availability
  2. Introduction of a COSHH solution to North America
  3. Introduction of additional U.S.-based employees to grow our presence

Each of these focused areas will help our customers continue to deliver a 60% reduction in incidents, a 130.7% TRIF (Total Recordable Incident Frequency / Rate) reduction, and a safer, healthier, and stronger workplace.

Yours in Safety,

Tyler Davey – CEO, EcoOnline North America

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