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5 Things to Look for in the Optimal Asset Inspection System

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April 23, 2021

Dina Adlouni

It’s time to dive into the second part of our series! Find out the essential elements you should look out for to help you drive safety performance and reach operational excellence in asset inspection at your organization. We know picking the right system can be difficult, so we’ve asked our team of experts to weigh in.

According to our operation specialists, here are the five things you should look for in an asset inspection system to take you to the next level.

1. Mobile-First with Online/Offline Capabilities

First on the list is a sense of mobility and ease of use. To truly empower your workers and engage employees, you must choose a system that will streamline all processes to perfection.

Look for a digital system with a dedicated native mobile application, giving your team the opportunity to work from any iPhone or Android device. Not only will this increase participation from all team members, but it will give workers the ability to access the platform no matter where they may be. It’s time to put asset inspection functionalities in the palm of your workforce’s hands to help them conduct inspections and audits with ease.

But it shouldn’t stop there. A platform which is functional on or offline should also be a capability found in the software you choose. Forget having to worry about internet connection or Wi-Fi. Workers on the field in the most remote areas, should have no problem inspecting assets and recording information with the right digital solution.

2. Ease of Use and Configurability

In addition to mobility, a system that is user-friendly is crucial. Boost efficiency at your organization with a platform that is simple and straightforward, allowing you to carry out processes in a few easy clicks. Long gone are the days of manually recording information on paper or Excel sheets. Now you can input all data into a system which can automatically be shared with others. This will grant other key stakeholders’ access to the information, without having to travel to various locations, keeping them safe in the midst of this pandemic.

Having the ability to configure and customize the software to meet your needs is also crucial. The system you choose should give you the power to build your own forms, checklists, reports, and more, allowing you to take full control over your asset inspection processes. Whether you want to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 or otherwise, the system you choose should be able to deliver.

3. Cutting-edge Technology 

When talking to our team of experts, an ability to perform inspections in volume is also top of mind. Through cutting-edge technology this is no longer a dream, but a reality.

The feature that makes this all possible is RFID and barcode technology. Identifying multiple assets, allowing you to complete inspections at lightning speed, is a must-have in any asset inspection system. This can be accomplished with dynamic barcode technology.

This can even be taken a step further with radio-frequency identification, normally referred to as RFID. RFID tags are important to boosting efficiency, since unlike barcodes, you don’t have to align your scanner as precisely as you would to get the data you need. Obstacles like dust, low light, and hard to reach places will no longer stand in your way with RFID. This makes it faster and easier to conduct inspections in volume, as this information is automatically stored in your asset inspection system. When on the look out for the perfect platform, make sure that both functionalities are available.

4. Full Transparency 

Getting a real-time view of your organization is key to succeeding and growing within your industry. A dynamic asset inspection system should grant you complete transparency, so you know what course of action to take to attain operational excellence.

There are many ways an asset inspection system can do this, but two sure-fire features that can make this possible are robust reporting functionalities and a comprehensive safety dashboard. Reporting features should offer a variety of report styles which you can pick from to generate a real-time view of safety. As mentioned earlier, you should also have the freedom to configure reports to meet your needs, so be on the look out for a system which makes custom PDF reporting a breeze.

Complete transparency is also attainable through a safety dashboard. Imagine being able to organize all your most important information and viewing it at a glance, so you are always able to stay on top of all safety essentials. This feature will allow you to gain insight into your inspection processes and should be customizable according to team members, locations, or equipment. The possibilities are simply endless with the right asset inspection system.

5. Complete Reliability

Last but certainly not least, you need an asset inspection system which you can rely on so nothing is lost along the way. The right solution should always keep you organized and ready.

To accomplish this, you need a system that allows team members to view their list of tasks for the day along with a scheduling functionality. With the ability to set up an individualized schedule for yourself or employees, everyone will always be aware of what inspection or audits need to be completed, optimizing your workflows.

In addition to schedules, email notification and calendar integration is also a necessary element that you should be aware of. Never fall behind or miss another inspection, as the perfect platform will give you the ability to have all tasks emailed straight to your inbox and added to your calendar.

What Asset Inspection System Should You Choose?

It may be hard to believe that one platform can include all the elements mentioned above, but we’re here to let you know all these functionalities and more are found in our favorite asset inspection system: Field iD. Created by experts in their own domains with a track record of success, this is the cutting-edge solution you need to empower your workforce and elevate performance.

Curious to learn more? Visit ecompliance.com/fieldid/ or fill out the form below to speak to a safety representative.

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