Strengthening Your Safety Culture

Discover how a strong safety culture can help build resiliency at your organization with insight from our safety experts, and learn more about updates we’ve made to our suite of products to streamline the process.


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EcoOnline Insider

Why Safety Culture Matters

Explore the term safety culture and what it means, why it matters to an organization, and morewith our VP of People Success, Jennifer Lennox.  

Featured Resource

Safety Leader Series

Check out our new Safety Leader Series where we’re amplifying the amazing stories and successes from leaders within our community. This month, Associate Director of EHS & HR Operations at BraunAbility, Michael Holle, shares the organization’s story and what helped drive their safety success.

Interested in sharing your story? Please reach out to our content writer, Dina Adlouni, for more information.

Product Updates

Strengthen Your Safety Culture with EcoOnline North America ‘s New Box Integration

Strengthen your company’s safety culture and close the feedback loop with the recently released EcoOnline North America Box integration. 

With Box integration, signed off forms are automatically stored in a designated Box folder in pdf format (with the image appendix as well). Save yourself the time of manually exporting each form in your site. 

Once the forms are instantly housed in Box, managers can share these forms with other stakeholders or store them for future use. EcoOnline North America tracks multiple pieces of information for each form which makes searching and managing them in Box easier. 

This feature supports incident, meeting, and inspection forms, and does not come at an additional cost. 

For any questions on eCompliance’s Box integration please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Password Minimum Requirements for EcoOnline Field iD 

To enhance the security of passwords and protect all EcoOnline Field iD users, we are implementing a change to the minimum password requirements.

The minimum length of new passwords will increase from 6 to 10 characters and require at least: 

  • 1 Symbol 
  • 1 number 
  • 1 capital letter.  

This change to requirements will be applied across all existing tenants to help keep your information safe.

Current and existing passwords will remain unaffected, and users will be able to log into the web and mobile app with their current password. However, if you do decide to reset or change your password, the new minimum password length requirement will be applied and you will be asked to create a password that meets the new minimum requirements. 

Key Highlights for the new password requirements:  

Users must ensure they meet the new requirement in the following scenarios:

  • Updating an existing password. 
  • Creating a new user account. 
  • Configuring “Minimum Password Length” under “Setup > Security > Password Policy” 
    • Do note that the length cannot be set lower than 10 characters and must contain 1 Symbol, 1 number, and 1 capital letter. 

Strengthen Safety Culture by Gaining More Visibility 

EcoOnline ContractorCheck provides customers with critical visibility and insight into their supply chain. Understanding how compliant their contractors are with their specific requirements as well as regulatory health and safety requirements allows our customers to manage their risks and make data-driven decisions. Managing contractor compliance is no easy task, from onboarding contractors, to collecting, assessing, and managing their documents and data, to ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time.

This past month, EcoOnline ContractorCheck enhanced the visibility customers have, to shed light on the conversations we are having with their contractors. In addition to seeing which of their contractors are compliant, customers can see the trail of communication we have with their contractors with regards to their own safety journey. As you look forward to the evolution of safety culture in your organization, it will be imperative to have visibility over your supply chain. Just as choosing the right team members is critical to your prosperity, so too is choosing the right contractors to partner with.

Thought Leadership

Check out the latest blog in our C-suite series: Building a Strong and Resilient Safety Culture Starts with Us 

Every organization wants to achieve a strong and resilient safety culture. Throughout my conversations with safety leaders, each maintain a desire to ensure their employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers are safe.

However, many are stuck in a challenge of how to build a strong and resilient safety culture within their organization while still maintaining the common focus areas every executive worries about: customers, employees, revenue, and profit.

Unfortunately, safety can often become a cost center in the eyes of an executive. An added burden to workers performance, an extra cost to a slim profit margin. It’s often forgotten how much organizations can save (monetary and production wise) by providing a reliable solution to help assist with reporting, participation, and management.

With a solution focused on all three, you can create a strong and resilient safety culture not only focused on preventing injuries, streamlining reporting, and increasing participation, but one focused on an organization’s financial and employee performance.

Read the full blog here

Customer Showcase

Learn more about how to identify and further promote safety cultures and subcultures within your organization from the Health and Safety Director at Mobilinx, Stewart Day. Stewart digs into how he’s driven safety initiatives within Mobilinx that have strengthened the organization’s overall safety culture and more. 

Watch the video now!

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