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eCompliance is the #1 software solution for protecting your workforce.

eCompliance Health and Safety Software is the #1 software solution for protecting your workforce and your business. Our mobile‐first solution connects at‐risk employees with head office, generating safety dashboards that management can use to make faster, fact‐based decisions.

With eCompliance, management and executives have a 360 degree real‐time view on safety performance so they can proactively protect employees, reduce corporate risk, and use improved safety performance as a competitive advantage.

We’re proud that hundreds of companies trust eCompliance.  Here are a few of our clients!

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View Real-Time Reports on Safety Performance at Anytime

As a cloud solution, management has immediate access in any location to user-friendly dashboards representing safety activities completed (or not completed) by your employees and performance by each site or department

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Instantly Capture Hazard Observations From the Field

While many companies are still using old clipboards and mountains of paper to collect field data, forward-thinking companies are using mobile devices, which results in more accurate and efficient inspections that can be instantly shared with head office

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Reduce Corporate Risk. Protect Your Workforce and Your Bottom Line

With an unparalleled understanding of your company’s safety risk, management can make effective changes to limit exposure to risks, allowing your executives to gain comfort in knowing that both employees and equity are being protected

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