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Frequently Asked Questions
We have an annual subscription model with limited upfront commitments. Our customers continue to use eCompliance because it provides real results in the form of improved safety performance and reduced overhead costs. Our pricing model aligns our success with our clients’ success and we have an average 96% retention rate. Our average client locks in prices over a 2 1⁄2 year term.
Yes. We keep it simple and flexible. Most of our customers have multiple sites in multiple states, provinces, regions and countries. We ensure your organizational chart is reflected in our product before your team is trained on it. Any future changes in your organizational structure can be configured in 5 clicks or less by you (or us, if you ask us) and at no charge.
eCompliance uses 3 levels of security, has successfully completed 3rd-party security audits and has various levels of redundancy to ensure your information is safe and secure. We help companies perform nuclear inspections, bank audits and other critical functions, so we ensure we are secure. We do NOT own your company data – your data in eCompliance is yours. For more information on the security of your data, check out this document.
We take service very seriously, which is why we have 3 specialized Customer Success Teams that work together for you: Training, Account Management and Support.
We also have a Safety Intelligence Consulting team to help you structure and report on data effectively and take advantage of best practices.
After goals are de ned with your Account Executive, our team will provide setup and training to ensure that your goals are met in the short and long-term. You’ll also have access to our support team for phone support, self-serve web-form submissions and automated video tutorials. 95% of submissions are handled in less than 2 hours and we have a 90% CSAT score, so you can use eCompliance with minimal interruption.
We’ve found that starting off with a well-structured plan that is properly communicated throughout the company is the #1 determinant of client success and improved safety performance.
Your organization’s System Administrator can invite colleagues to your account. If your organization continues to grow, contact your eCompliance Account Manager and/or set up a training session if necessary. Many of our Enterprise customers enjoy unlimited users across their organizations.
You’re not alone, about 80% of our customers operate in seasonal industries. We’ll work with you to establish a range of users during the peak (and low) seasons to ensure that our pricing structure reasonably reflects your organization’s needs. Speak with one of our professionals to discuss pricing for your company.
Every 3 days, a safety leader successfully makes the case for eCompliance software. There are two reasons why they are successful:
1) A strong business case
2) Communicating that case to peers/executives in the right way
Our Account Executives work with you to establish what the “return on safety” or ROI is and navigate best-practices for getting stakeholder feedback and decision processes BEFORE you make any purchase decisions. We want to solve the right problem and link the right solution to your specific goals.
Tangible bene ts include freeing up resources to focus on real safety initiatives and reporting on safety performances to gain a competitive edge. Stronger systems lead to better communication and a reduction of incidents, near misses, and hazards. On average, our customers have:
• 72% less recordable injuries than their peers
• 55% fewer injuries than when they started
• Increase participation amongst staff by 99% year over year
Intangible benefits include stronger employee engagement and an improved safety culture.
Yes. We have over 100 case studies where our customers share success stories about using eCompliance and how it has helped them improve safety management and performance at their organizations. Our customers are also advocates of our software. If you’d like to speak to one of our customers, just ask your Account Executive and they will happily connect you.


Cloud software is critical in increasing
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safety performance.

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