Introducing The Free
Hazard Assessment Web App


Hazard assessments and controls help organizations build a safer workplace. As
a key element of every health and safety
program, hazard assessments provide a consistent approach to identify & control
safety hazards in the workplace.

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires employers to conduct hazard assessments and put controls
in place to protect themselves and their employees.





Effective hazard management is critical to the continuous reduction of risk and prevention of injury and illness in workplaces. However, identifying hazards and creating controls is not always a clear process.

Paper hazard assessment often have the following limitations:

  • Typically reside in a binder full of paper that’s been filed away
  • Not easily communicated to appropriate workers in each job
  • Hazards are often not reassessed and linked to the best controls

The hazard assessment tool will enable organizations to:

  • Identify processes associated with all roles in an organization
  • Choose from a detailed list of hazards commonly used across your industry or build your own
  • Identify controls associated with all hazards
  • Choose from a detailed list of controls commonly used
    across your industry or build your own
  • Distribute the hazard assessment to your colleagues
    via one integrated platform
  • (Coming Soon) a powerful visual summary of the total
    controlled and uncontrolled risk in your organization

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