Behind The Scenes
Safety Nerd Roster

Our Team


Raphaela Mandel


Adam Alinauskas

Development Team Manager / Software Architect


Professional Services Manager

Priyanka Patel

QA Engineer

Rob Borts

Success Coach

Lizzy Rothschild

Training Specialist

Jeff Iwasiw

Sr. Account Executive

Ryan LeClaire


Paolo Ferrari

Marketing Operations

Leeza Neves

Client Executive

Sandy Roy

Jr. Designer

Darcie Da Silva

Demand Generation Manager

Adrian Bartha

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian is responsible for product development, new client generation and the strategic production direction of the organization. He brings a distinctive perspective into building safety as a competitive advantage in growing organizations.

Patrick Hillis

Account Executive

Rahul Massand

Business Development Representative

Chris Smith

Sr. Account Executive

Nima Chadha

Director of Marketing

Nima spearheads the creative and strategic direction for eCompliance’s brand. She also manages and executes all digital marketing campaigns, building lead scoring and nurture campaigns.

Matt Hodgson

Success Coach

Ryan Eby

Jr .NET/Mobile Developer

William Chin

Marketing Coordinator

Humzah Latif

QA Lead/Manager

Gilbert Ross

Customer Support Analyst

Kasi Emmanuel

Web/Mobile Developer

Star Hofer

Director of Customer Success

Star leads the Success Team at eCompliance, which includes onboarding, training, professional services, retention, and support.

She has built a reputation for growing high-impact teams focused on customer value and quality relationships over her 12-year career. As a process-driven leader and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), her mission is to help all customers unleash the power of advocacy through safety.

Ian Birchenall

Business Development Representative

Josh LeBrun

President & Chief
Operating Officer

Josh is the President and COO of eCompliance. He is considered a thought leader on the business value of safety management and participation-based-safety. Prior to joining eCompliance, Josh was on the board of a containerized shipping company where he learned the challenges of measuring safety risk in complex industries.

Stefanie Wong

Success Coach

Greg Johnson


Dean Nadorozny

Director Corporate Operations

Dean guides eCompliance with his hands-on background in providing infrastructure and methodologies for process improvements and designing workflow and data requirements while defining KPI reporting metrics.

Wymen Ho

Sr. Account Executive

Tyler Robbins

Customer Support Manager

Sid Nagpal

Campaign Specialist

Sushant Anantharam

Jr. QA Engineer

Simon Ware

Success Coach

Jeff Szeto

VP Finance

Jeff has over 15 years of extensive experience in leading, managing and growing finance functions in high-growth entrepreneurial businesses. His background has seen him working on Bay Street in M&A and corporate finance for top-tier financial institutions.

Ivan Lo

Manager of Customer Data and Insights

Arvid Grabovskis

Sr. Developer

Rahul Mendonca

Mobile Developer

Alex Hioktour

Account Executive

Matthew Critchell

Director of Sales

Matt has brought his passionate commitment to strategic coverage, customer-focused opportunity qualification, meticulous solution development to lead eCompliance’s sales team.

Vaishna Muraleetharan

Office Manager

Luu Duong

VP Software Development

Luu’s role at eCompliance is one of an innovation leadership that combines analytical expertise across business and technology. He is passionately accountable for the long-term goals, policies, and procedures of the organization’s software development program.

Jonathan DePaola

Business Development Representative

Arian Rahimian

Sr. Designer

Calvin Benchimol

Director of Corporate Development

Calvin has been instrumental in defining our customers’ journey to a High Participation Safety Culture. Using big data & deep empirical research, he’s helped us look beyond the numbers to understand the human side of safety.

Stacey Silva

Success Coach

Shaheer Butt

Jr. Accountant

John Maynard

Sr. Onboarding Specialist

Stephen de Kok

Software Developer

James Polera

Enterprise Success Coach

Josiane Laure Modjom

Assistant Controller

Andrew Hill

Account Executive

Corey Tinianov

Marketing Analyst

Dennis Romanenko

Business Development Representative

Harish Pandian

Director of Product

Jermaine Ramdass

JR. QA Engineer

Mohammed Saddam Khan

Dev Ops

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