Improve Safety Management Across Multiple Locations for Better Reporting to Head Office.

All in one easy to use integrated platform

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Investing in Workplace Safety is Good Business


Over 60% of CFOs report that every $1 invested in safety returns $2 or more


82% of companies that invest in safety report that they have an increased reputation


   82% of contractors believe that smartphones have a positive impact on safety

“We are excited to now be using eCompliance to ensure we have workplace safety in the palm of our hands”

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Benefits for Field Workers:

Save Time

Use mobile devices to reduce the time it takes to complete inspections and meetings

Access Tasks, Training and Observations

Mobile access means front line employees are always connected

Share Safety Suggestions with Management

Send suggestions to management and track to completion

Benefits for Management and Executives:

Create Visibility

Instantly familiarize executives with corporate safety activities

Eliminate Unknown Risks

Identify and mitigate risks that were previously lost in boxes of paper

Improve Company Culture

Create trust between management and front line employees to improve your business